Three Ways An Environmental Attorney Can Help Your Manufacturing Business

If you manufacture your products, there is a good chance that you will run up against a variety of laws regarding chemicals and processes that affect the environment. Regulations and government agencies can create obstacles to your business. In extreme cases, your business can be shut down until you come into compliance with the law. However, with the aid of an environmental attorney, a lot of the issues that you may face can be solved in a quicker time frame, and in some situations, the can be prevented. The following are just a few ways this type of lawyer can help you.

They can prevent problems from developing

Environment attorneys understand the laws regarding the use and disposal of all of the chemicals used by industries. An attorney can review a list of the chemicals you are using as well as the way you are using them in your facility. They can also look at the process that you use to dispose of them. If for any reason you are violating a particular regulation, you can then make changes to prevent fines or even a shutdown of your business from happening in the future.

They can help you with corrective actions

If you have already been cited for one or more violations, an environmental attorney can look at what you were cited for, and advise you on how to proceed. These attorneys understand the same language spoken by environmental regulators and can explain exactly what the violation means to your company. There may be more than one possible solution to correct the regulatory violation. Once an attorney explains the options to you, as a business owner, you can choose what is in the best interest of your company.

They can help you comply with new regulations

New laws and regulations come into existence every year. In an age of environmental awareness, many of these laws will apply to industrial manufacturing, and undoubtedly, a few will affect your company. By consulting with an environmental attorney or law firm like Taylor Law Firm, you will know exactly what your business needs to do to comply with these new laws. And by implementing the necessary changes in your production facility, you will avoid fines, penalties or even a shutdown of your production line.

Not only can an environmental attorney help you in the ways indicated above, but there may be times when you wish to put up a legal fight against certain fines that have been accessed against your business. Regulators are not always in the right, so by consulting with an attorney, it may be that you have a good case. In certain situations, citizens groups may bring an action against your company for environmental damage. An environmental attorney can defend you against allegations and lawsuits.