Minimize The Risk Of Being Arrested For A DUI And Be Prepared If You Are Stopped By A Law Officer

Holiday weekends often include parties where alcohol is served. People enjoy kicking back with a mixed drink or a favorite variety of beer, but this can also lead to trouble, especially if driving to and from a party is necessary. If you are planning on attending a social gathering where alcohol will be served, minimize the risk of being arrested for driving under the influence and be prepared in case you are stopped by a law officer.

Make Transportation Or Sleeping Arrangements Beforehand

Before heading to a party, make arrangements to ride with someone who has promised to avoid alcohol throughout the social gathering. If this is not possible, contact a local taxi company to reserve a cab for your ride home.

Another option is to speak to the host or hostess of the party to ask them if it would be alright for you to spend the night or stay at their home for several hours once the party has ended so that you can sober up. By having arrangements made, you can fully enjoy yourself and won't need to limit the amount of cocktails that you drink. 

Eat In Between Beverages And Limit Yourself

If you will be driving to and from the party, realize that you need to limit the amount of alcohol that you consume. Choose beverages that contain a low alcohol content and eat snacks or a light meal in between beverages. Tell a couple of your close friends that you will be responsible for driving yourself home so that they can encourage you to lay off of the alcohol if they notice that you are drinking cocktails rather quickly.

Not being able to drink a wide array of mixed drinks does not need to seem like a punishment. Bring along a bottle of sparkling juice or a case of non-alcoholic beer if you would like to forego alcohol altogether, but would still like to drink something that tastes similar to an alcoholic drink. 

Use A Personal Breathalyzer, Cooperate With An Officer, And Hire An Attorney

Purchase a personal breathalyzer. This type of device can be secured to your keychain and will give you an estimate of your blood alcohol content prior to getting behind the wheel of your vehicle. Be aware of what the legal blood alcohol limit in your state is. Before heading home, blow into the breathalyzer to determine if your blood alcohol content is within the legal limits.

If you do get pulled over by an officer, in spite of all of the preparations you made, cooperate fully. It may seem intimidating to be asked to walk a straight line or touch your nose, but you will do yourself a favor in the long run and may not be charged with a severe crime if you are agreeable to what is asked of you.

If you are arrested or ticketed, hire a DUI lawyer. A lawyer will ensure that you were treated fairly and that the tests that the officer gave you were performed accurately. An attorney will do their best to keep you out of jail and have your fine reduced or eliminated.