3 Tips To Stay Safe When Riding Your Motorcycle This Summer

As a motorcycle operator, you are probably looking forward to getting out and riding your bike this summer. After all, during the colder months, you might not have ridden your motorcycle much at all. Of course, riding in the clear, beautiful and warm weather can be a wonderful thing. However, even though there is not any ice or snow on the ground, you still have to focus on being careful when riding your motorcycle. These are a few tips that can help you stay safe as a motorcyclist this summer.

1. Wear the Right Clothing

Now that the weather is getting warmer, you might want to wear shorts, tank tops and other warm weather clothing, including when you are hitting the road on your motorcycle. However, if you aren't careful, you have to worry about burning your skin on the hot parts of your motorcycle. Plus, you have to make sure that your clothing is reflective so that others can see you, particularly if you are going to be on your motorcycle at night. Therefore, even if you might prefer to wear lighter clothing during the summer, make sure that your skin is protected from burns -- both from your motorcycle and from the sun -- and that your clothing is brightly colored and reflective.

2. Watch the Weather

Sure, it's true that you do not have to worry about watching out for snow or ice when you are riding your motorcycle in the summer. However, this does not mean that you don't have to worry about the weather at all. For example, spring showers are common during the springtime months, and you probably already know that summer thunderstorms can be an issue during the hottest months of the year. If you ride in the rain, not only can it be quite uncomfortable, but the roads can be a lot more slippery as well. Therefore, it's important to only ride your motorcycle when the weather is nice and when the roads are dry.

3. Avoid Drinking and Driving

If you are like many people, you might like to enjoy a cool, refreshing beer when it's hot outside, or you might like to lounge by the beach or the pool while drinking cold, fruity cocktails. Even though there is certainly nothing wrong with this, make sure that you don't climb up on your motorcycle after you have been indulging in alcoholic beverages. Just as it's not safe to drive a car after you have been drinking, it's not safe to operate a motorcycle after consuming alcohol, either.

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