Received A Denial Letter? 4 Reasons Your Application For Social Security Disability May Have Been Denied

If your recent application for Social Security has been denied, you may have been left to wonder why, especially if your physical or mental condition prevents you from working. Unfortunately, most applications for Social Security disability benefits are denied their first time through. Here are four of the reasons why many applications are denied. Your Medical Records Were Incomplete If your application for Social Security disability has been denied, there might have been a problem with your medical records. [Read More]

Two Options For Covering Lost Wages While Your Auto Accident Case Is Pending

If you lose money from your job or business because of injuries you sustained in an auto accident, you can sue the liable party for reimbursement. Unfortunately, you won't actually get the cash until after your case resolves, which can put you in a financial bind if you don't have any savings to cover your bills while you're unable to work. If you're trying to figure out how to keep the lights on while you litigate your case, here are a couple of options you may want to pursue. [Read More]

Workers' Compensation Defense: When To Get Help For You Business

When you own a business and you have a person who is attempting to receive workers' compensation after claiming to have been injured on the job, the first thing you should do is find a workers' compensation defense lawyer. The lawyer will work on your behalf to help protect your business while taking a straightforward approach that involves questioning the plaintiff and gathering as much evidence as possible. Performing a Full Investigation [Read More]

Make Sure That These Details Are Present Before You Follow Up On Your Child's Dog Bite Claim

Any concerned parent will be upset to learn that a neighborhood dog has bitten his or her child, but it's important to also stay calm as your child tells you what has happened. Your first priority should be to get your loved one medical care if it's needed, but you should then try to assess the situation before you evaluate the merits of moving forward legally. While you don't ever want to distrust your child, you also need to know that children can sometimes overstate certain situations. [Read More]