Clearing Up The Divorce Confusion: Shared And Joint Custody

If you and your spouse are divorcing, you may encounter a few potentially confusing terms used to describe child custody arrangements. Shared custody and joint custody certainly sound very similar, but they are quite different. When it comes time for you to make your parenting plan (custody arrangement) be prepared by understanding the differences between these two types of custody: Equal Shares of Parenting When it comes to shared custody (also known as 50/50 parenting), the exact increments of time spent with the child by each parent is calculated very carefully to ensure that both parents have the about the same amount of time with the child. [Read More]

Again And Again: Understanding Work-Related Repetitive Stress Injuries

Workers' comp provides valuable benefits for any work-related medical condition, and it doesn't have to be a sudden accident for you to be covered. Some injuries are the result of repeated attacks on a particular joint or body part, and it may take some time for the debilitating effects to be obvious. When you consider the repetitive movements that almost any type of job demands, you can understand why repetitive strain injuries are a legitimate workers' comp covered medical condition. [Read More]

Self-Employed? Make Sure You Purchase Private Disability Insurance

While being self-employed surely has its benefits, like greater freedom and flexibility, it does have the downfall of not providing the benefits that working for an employer typically provides. If you are self-employed and become injured, resulting in a disability that makes you unable to work again, you'll be left high and dry without income or the protections that workers comp would offer in a traditional employment role. To protect yourself from such a calamity, it's very important that you purchase a disability insurance policy as a self-employed person. [Read More]

3 Social Media Tips to Follow When Dealing with a Workers Compensation Claim

If you are in the midst of dealing with a workers compensation claim, your mind might be on things like healing and getting compensated, not on social media. However, nowadays, it is important to be careful about how you handle social media when going through one of these cases. Many insurance companies are now using social media as a means of catching fraudulent cases, so there is a chance that your name could be looked up. [Read More]