Staying In Jail Vs. Getting A Bail Bond

When you've been charged with a serious crime, you usually have two options. You can either post bail and remain free until your case is heard or you can stay in jail until that time. Unfortunately for most people, the bail set for them can be very high.

However, for those who have bails higher than they can afford to pay, the alternative is to get a bail bond. Getting a bail bond will still require you to pay around 10% of the bail set. This is why some people decide it's better to simply stay in jail until their trial, but is this the best course of action?

The Case for Staying in Jail

If you choose to work with a bail bonds person, you're going to have to pay a significant amount of money. If your bail is set at something like $10,000, purchasing a bail bond will cost you around $1000. However, if your bail is set at $100,000, you'll have to pay around $10,000. This is still not a small amount of money, and for many people, it's reason enough to stay in jail.

If you believe that the police have an airtight case against you, it may also seem like a good idea to stay in jail. When the sentence is passed, it will be reduced by the number of days that you already spent in jail.

The Case for Getting a Bail Bond

One simple reason why you'll want to stay out of jail is that jails are typically not the nicest places to be in. In addition to that, they can be even worse for people who've not yet been sentenced since they may not have access to certain facilities that are available to those who've already been sentenced.

Many people have also ended up making statements to other prisoners and warders that were later used against them. When you're out, you have a chance to prepare better for your trial and some cases can also move more slowly if you've been bailed out.

Jail or Bail

As expensive as a bail bond can be, not being in jail while you await trial can raise your chances of not ending up in jail after the trial. Not only is it safer outside, you also get a chance to make better preparations for your case. You can even use the opportunity to clean up your act before trial which can lead to leniency if found guilty.

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