Options To Consider When Selecting File Jackets For Your Firm's Cases

An attorney's case-file jacket is what holds all of the legal files for one case together. Different law firms prefer different options when it comes to how they organize their case files, but there are a few best practices that are popular in many law firms. Whether you are just starting out in your legal career or just looking at a better way to get organized, here are a few tips that could help you when selecting the file jacket your firm will use going forward.


If you only have a few cases, you probably don't have a hard time keeping track of the different files. But as your law firm expands, so will your case-file inventory. Over time, files could easily get mixed up into different jackets if you are not careful. That's why some law firms swear by pre-printed file jackets. These jackets come directly from the supplier with the name of the case and any other important information that you desire to have on the front and center of the jacket. This will make it much easier to keep track of all of your cases without having to squint and read a tiny tab.

Room for Expansion

When buying a file jacket, always get one that can hold far more paperwork than you think you will need. Buy a file jacket for the future case, not the one you have right now. File jackets are meant to slip on top of your files and hold multiple files together. Suddenly discovering that your jacket isn't big enough for the entire case can be a headache and might cause you to have to use multiple file jackets, which can slow you down or cause you to become unorganized.

Dividers and Fasteners

A file jacket without the right number of dividers or fasteners isn't much of a jacket. The dividers and the fasteners are just as important when it comes to keeping things organized as the jacket itself. You don't want your paperwork to spill out in the courtroom because you didn't have enough fasteners in place.

A good file jacket is pretty much a necessity for a large legal case. A good case-file jacket has room for expansion and a good number of dividers and fasteners. Reach out to a local supplier of case-file jackets, like American Legal Forms, today to find one that is right for you and your firm.