Explore Personal Injury Compensation Using Witnesses

When it comes to car accidents, witnesses can determine the outcome of a case in several ways. If you have been hurt in a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation if you were not at fault. Unfortunately, sometimes you must take some extra steps to prove fault. To better understand the role witnesses could play in accident fault, read on.

Accident Investigations

Law enforcement officers are usually the initial investigators after an accident. Several officers may respond to the accident location to direct traffic, coordinate wreckers, clean up the road, and gather information about the accident. Information gathered at the scene of the accident is generally compiled into a report.

The accident report will come to be an important document for most victims. It contains the contact information for all parties, their insurance information, and more. If a driver was charged with a traffic violation in connection with the accident, it will be on the report. Most importantly, however, is the law enforcement officer's summation of how they believe the accident occurred. Their opinion is educated by interviewing others at the scene, observing the location of damage to the vehicles, and physical signs of the crash on the roadway.

Witnesses to the Accident

Those who saw the accident occur possess vital information. Their statements represent what could be observed from various viewpoints. Along with various lines of sight, however, are the various relationships to the accident. For example, witness statements from passengers in the vehicles may be important but biased. Witnesses that have no relationship with the drivers or passengers possess the most valuable information about how the accident occurred.

Experts May be Used

Determining the party that caused the accident is the most important element of an investigation. No compensation can be decided until fault is established. In some instances, no consensus can be determined about fault. Then, personal injury lawyers and insurance claims adjusters may turn to accident reconstruction experts. Using specialized software, experts can virtually recreate the accident based on a compilation of witness statements, photos of the scene, and other important parameters. Many vehicles themselves contain information about the accident onboard. Navigation units, cell phone apps, and so-called black boxes can reveal data like speed, direction of travel, braking, and more.

If fault is not resolved with your accident case, don't wait to seek help from a personal injury lawyer. They can harness their resources and determine who caused your accident. That driver owes you compensation so speak to a lawyer today. For more information, contact a firm like the Law Office Of Timothy M. O'Donovan.