3 Car Crash Lawsuit Stages That Might Be Challenging to Navigate Without Legal Representation

If you sustain severe injuries in a collision caused by someone else, you might be worried about how you will deal with the situation. Your biggest concerns might be your recovery and how you will clear your medical bills. Therefore, you should consider filing a claim with the wrongdoer's insurer to enable you to get compensation for your damages. The insurance provider will appoint an adjuster to investigate the crash and represent them in the negotiations. To even the playing field, you might consider hiring an accident lawyer to help you navigate the following stages.

Medical Evaluation

The insurance firm will commence investigations immediately after you file your claim. They may ask you to undergo a medical examination to verify the injuries you are claiming to have suffered. The adjuster may recommend that you get an examination from a doctor contracted by their company. In this case, there could be a possibility that the physician will doctor the results to favor the insurance company. That is why you need a lawyer by your side when undergoing a medical evaluation. They will guide you through the exam to ensure that the doctor performs the right tests. Your legal advisor will also order an independent examination to give them another body of evidence that they can compare with the findings of the insurance company physician.

Negotiation Process

When the insurance company concludes investigations, they will contact you and offer a settlement they feel is equivalent to your damages. They might indicate that their offer is the maximum amount to persuade you to accept it unconditionally. However, that might not be the case, and accepting the payment might be a big mistake. Your lawyer will conduct extensive research on your economic and non-economic damages to determine the value of your claim. They will then handle the negotiation process to ensure a final fair settlement.

Trial Preparation

If negotiations fail, your lawyer will start preparing your case for trial. They might gather new information to strengthen your lawsuit and increase your chances of success. Your lawyer will want to submit compelling evidence because their argument can directly impact the judge's verdict. If the insurance agents raise issues that may weaken your case in court, your lawyer will work on them before the trial starts.

The steps discussed above might be challenging to navigate and can increase the chances of making costly mistakes if you handle them yourself. That is why it is advisable to hire a car accident attorney to guide you through the compensation process.

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