You Can Sue if You Were in an Accident Caused by Unsafe Roads

While most accidents occur due to the negligence of other drivers or even pedestrians not obeying the rules of the road, other times accidents can be caused by unsafe driving conditions such as a neglected road surface. This means the road hasn't been maintained in the manner it should be such as there are potholes throughout the roadway, erosion near cliffs or waterways, and even icy roads.

If you were in an accident due to unsafe road conditions you could potentially sue to get compensation for your injuries, contact an auto accident attorney to see what your chances of a case are. Here is some information on how you can sue if you were in an accident due to unsafe roads.

Prove The Accident Was Caused By Unsafe Roads

Your first step is proving your accident was caused by the unsafe road you were driving on. In some cases, this might be easier if you have photographs of large potholes, erosion of the roadway, large cracks, or even ice buildup on the road.

If it's safe to do so, take pictures of the roadway and any potholes or cracks on the road after the accident, or ask someone else to take the photos. These pictures can help to prove the roadway was in an unsafe driving condition and caused the accident.

Also, take pictures of your car's damage, especially the tires. Tires can show how the damage occurred and a professional mechanic can determine how the tires hit the unsafe portion of the road and caused the accident. If you have dashcam footage this can help too. It can show other cars sliding or having trouble just ahead of you, and also of your own car's performance on the road. Work with your auto accident attorney to obtain as much proof as you can.

Determine Who Is Responsible For the Road's Maintenance

In each state, there are different agencies responsible for different areas of maintenance on the roads. Your state might be responsible for fixing potholes and resurfacing the road when it is worn down too much. Your local government or city might be responsible for plowing snow and de-icing the roadway. If it's a private road you need to take to travel on, the road's owner may be responsible for its upkeep.

You need to prove which level of government or which person is responsible for the maintenance of the road and if they were negligent in maintaining it. Your auto accident attorney could find out if there have been reports filed about the road previously and if there was work scheduled for its repair but was delayed leading to the accident. They can also find out if there had been other accidents along the same stretch due to the same roadway issues. This can help prove your case in court.

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