Some of the Signs You Might Get Offered a Higher Car Accident Settlement

If you have been involved in a car accident and are thinking about pursuing a settlement from the other driver's insurance company, then you could be wondering how much your settlement will be. This varies depending on a lot of different things, but these are some of the signs that you might get offered a higher car accident settlement.

You've Hired an Attorney

One of the first and most effective things that you can do if you want to get a higher car accident settlement is to hire an attorney. You can pursue a car accident case without an attorney. However, an attorney can both make it easier for you to handle your case and can help you have a more successful case. Not only can they help you increase your chances of getting a settlement in the first place, but they can also help you increase your chances of getting a higher settlement. If you haven't already hired legal representation, start looking for car accident attorneys.

The Other Driver Was Driving Under the Influence

Accidents happen for many different reasons, including because of drivers who are driving under the influence. If the other driver who was involved in your car accident was drinking or was under the influence of drugs when the accident happened, then there is a good chance that the driver was arrested on the day that the accident happened. Additionally, you should mention this information to your attorney, since there is a chance that you could be paid a higher settlement amount if the other driver was driving under the influence.

Your Injuries Were Very Serious 

The whole reason why you might be thinking about taking action after a car accident could be because you were injured in a car accident. If this is the case, you should know that the severity of your injuries can impact your car accident settlement amount significantly. If your injuries were fairly minor, then you might be compensated for any medical bills and for any work that you might have missed while you were healing. If your injuries were serious, however, you might never be able to work again, or it might be a long road to recovery before you can begin working again. Additionally, you might have racked up major medical bills and other expenses. To help cover all of these costs, the insurance company might offer you a higher settlement.