Circumstances That Call for a Wrongful Death Attorney

Losing a loved one under tragic circumstances can make getting on with your life difficult. You keep thinking back to what you could have done to prevent their demise. You also harbor anger and frustration at the party that caused the accident that took their life. 

It can be natural for you and others in your family to want to be proactive and seek out justice. You can decide what, if any, action is right to take on behalf of your family by hiring a wrongful death attorney to represent you.

1. Refusal of Claims

When the insurance company of the responsible party refuses your family's claims, you may have no choice but to hire a wrongful death attorney. Insurance companies, particularly those that do not insurer claimants, are often prone to ignoring people. They often do not pay attention to outside claims until lawyers become involved in them.

Rather than deal endlessly with an insurer that is not empathetic to your claim, you can retain a lawyer to speak on your behalf. Your attorney can speak directly to the adjuster and make sure that your claim is paid out quickly and to the full amount requested.

2. Countering of Accusations

It can also be standard for the responsible party to blame your lost loved one for what happened to them. They may claim that your loved one failed to abide by safety rules. They also may claim that your loved one did not pay attention or purposely caused the accident to happen.

You must disprove these accusations and levy them at the party that is rightly responsible for what happened. Your wrongful death attorney can prove what happened and show to a judge or jury who the rightful responsible party is. You avoid having to take a loss and accept claims that are not true about your deceased relative.

Finally, your wrongful death attorney can file a lawsuit if your family and the insurer or responsible party come to a stalemate. The court can decide how the case should be settled and whether or not your family is entitled to any compensation and justice.

A wrongful death attorney can represent your family in a variety of pressing circumstances. They can negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. Your lawyer can also prove what happened and file a lawsuit if necessary. Contact local law firms to learn more about handling your case.