Four Factors That Affect Your Bail Amount

When it comes to being arrested, the first thing on your mind is sure to be how to get out of jail fast. However, you will typically have to wait until the judge has set your bail. This may take some time, and the actual figure will be based on many things. It's ideal be know the numerous factors that will have a substantial impact on what it will cost you to get out of jail. Knowing what these are may be of great assistance to you during this difficult time.

Factor #1: The crime

The more severe the crime you committed or have been accused of doing will typically have the strongest impact on the cost of getting out of jail. For instance, if you've been accused of murder versus breaking and entering, the bail will set much higher for the murder case.

Courts usually judge you by the type of crime because this could be an indication that you may be a threat to society and it's possible you'd do it again.

Factor #2: Employment

If you have a job and have been working for some time, this may enable you to have a lesser amount set for your bond. Being able to contribute to society in some way makes you look much more responsible to the court.

Factor #3: Past record

Is this your first offense or have you been arrested many times in the past? The good news is if this is the first crime you've been charged with, you may be able to pay less for your bail.

On the other hand, if you have a long criminal record, this can drastically increase your bail, and you will want to keep this in mind to be prepared.

Factor #4: Family

If you have small kids at home that depend a great deal on you or a family of any size and age, you may be able to have a lower amount of bail set to get out of jail. The courts will look into your marital status and learn if you have children.

Being arrested for any reason is sure to be one thing that turns a good day into a bad one fast. However, by learning what bail is and getting it set, you can be released. Be sure to work closely with a bail bonds service in your area to assist you in doing so today.