Seek Legal Help For Portland OR Workers Compensation

Being unable to work is a very difficult thing to adjust to. For one who is normally active, able, and about contributing to the income of a family or who is the sole provider of the family, it can be a monumental adjustment. When the cause of that inability to work is from an injury sustained on the job, it can be even harder to accept, especially if the compensation that is owed to the worker is not being provided or is being blocked through bureaucracy and red tape. When dealing with workers compensation in Portland OR, it is very helpful to have the services of a lawyer who understands how to address Portland OR workers compensation claims and cases. Even for a claim that is being processed successfully, it is often best to have a workers compensation lawyer working with the individual; it is pretty much a guarantee that the company has already engaged its legal team to work on the workers compensation in Portland OR claim so it is just making sure that the individual is as fairly represented as the company. Workers compensation, even in the cases where the payments are being made, requires extra paperwork. For medical expenses, often individuals must indicate that the medical procedures are related to work injury. This may put the processing and payment of those claims into a separate category and under insurance that is not the normal insurance for that individual. The processing of those claims is often different with receipt filings and proof of the procedure required. Managing all of that paperwork while injured, undergoing surgeries or treatment, or recovering, is extremely difficult. A Portland OR workers compensation lawyer can assist with all of the paperwork and filings for even a normally progressing claim. For those claims that are not being paid, an individual should definitely engage an attorney who specializes in workers compensation claims. A company may be denying the claim for any number of reasons including contesting that the injury was on the company's time, related to work performed by the individual, etc. A Portland OR workers compensation lawyer can help file the necessary paperwork and prove that the injuries were sustained while working on the job. In some cases, the injury is not just due to normal working conditions. Instead, there could be negligence on the part of an individual, another employee, or the company in general that contributed to or caused the work-related injury. In that case, there is also a personal injury claim against the company that may exceed the amount of reimbursement under normal workers compensation. A claimant can ask for extra damages including lost wages and mental anguish, to name just a few. When negligence is involved, a lawyer has to be central to the process since there is a case that has to be filed in a civil court. That case will have multiple motions and filings before it ever comes close to a courtroom. In many cases, workers compensation and negligence claims are settled out of court long before there is any chance of the case being tried in front of a jury. A workers compensation lawyer can navigate the entire mediation process and help the client arrive at the best deal to make sure that he or she is compensated as required for the work-related injury and for any compensatory damages beyond the medical expenses incurred as a result of the injury. A Portland OR workers compensation lawyer is a great resource for cases where there is a lot of paperwork and the individual is unable to attend to the details for filing and maintaining the proper documentation. Even more importantly, a workers compensation lawyer is vital for any cases where there is negligence involved. For more on getting workers compensation in Portland, OR, visit